Forest Enterprises of the Adirondacks


238 pages, 181 photos of men and equipment at work

This book makes the point that forestry and timber harvesting are important to small businesses in our communities, but fewer people realize this today because they don’t have the same presence as businesses on Main Street.  Forestry is all around us if we are willing to take a look. Learn what loggers do in they day to day work. See how these small businesses specialize to different niches. Learn the names of different pieces of equipment. View photos of creative problem solving in action.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: At Work in the Woods

Their note elves, but they are hard at work out there every day.


Chapter 2: Stumped

Each stump is a reminder of past and future benefits from the forest


Chapter 3: Good Fellers

The Levi Family strives for efficiency amid labor shortages and tight margins


Chapter 4: Rustification

Francis VanAlstine uses old equipment to work on the forest of the Adirondack elite.


Chapter 5: North lake Legacy

Bruce and Ted Koenig pass on back woods know how to Ted’s son Eric


Chapter 6: Forwarder Thinking

Tom Donnelly looks into the future supply and adopts a new mix of equipment


Chapter 7: Destined to Flail

Paul Mitchell solves the mystery of how to make money from unwanted trees.


Chapter 8: Wood is Wonderful

Bob Coscomb Jr. embraces his heritage in a part time forest enterprise


Chapter 9: Living on the (Woods’) Edge

Tom Bartiss combines thrifty utilization with low impact techniques


Chapter 10: Vertical Integration & Farm Work Emancipation

Brothers Bill and Tim O’Brien convert a dairy fam into a family forest operation


A capstone look at forest enterprises


Learn what loggers do in they day to day work. See how these small busines