Pennsylvania Timber Harvester/Forest Practitioner Training Program

Administered by Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative™ (PA SFI) State Implementation Committee

Contact Person:
Chuck Coup, Program Manager
211 Barrington Lane
Bellefonte, PA 16823
Ph. (814) 355-1010
Toll Free: (888) 734-9366
Website: PA SFI Home Page

Upcoming training events:  PA SFI 2017 Training Schedule

Additional training available:

Other sources for PASFI accredited training:
American Heart Association   (800) 242-8721
American Red Cross   (800) 733-2767
Forest Resources Association   (207) 233-9910
Game of Logging   (800) 252-2502
Northeastern Loggers’ Association   (315) 369-3078
Northern Tier Hardwood Association   (570) 265-7753
Penn State Ecosystem Science and Management Extension (courses and workshops)  (877) 345-0691
Penn State Ecosystem Science and Management Extension (webinars)  (877) 345-0691

Please refer to the PA SFI Home Page for more comprehensive information.