• Revised March 2014 32 pages (4" X 8 1/2" soft cover) The best selling booklet is bursting with information you can use in the field or office. This ready reference can easily be carried in the glove box or hip pocket for daily use. Log Rules and Other useful Information is an indispensable tool for people working in the field. Table of contents: Log Scaling / Interior Defects / Exterior or Side Defects Doyle Log Rule / Scribner Log Rule / International Log Rule / Maine Log Rule / Vermont Log Rule / Comparison of Various Log Rules and more Volume Equivalents / Selected Units of Volume of Roundwood / Volume Equivalents for Lumber / Computing of Lumber Volume in Board Feet Average Conversion Factors for Wood Products Weights of Various Species (Logs and Lumber) / Approximate Weights of Materials / Aggregate Required for One Mile of Road Units of Measure / Measures of Length / Cubic Measures / Weight Conversion Factors
  • By Steven Bick

    100 pages 4" X 5 1/2" soft cover) This small soft cover reference book contains numerous tables for easy in-the-field reference. Table of Contents Board Foot Log Rule Volumes - Even Lengths Board Foot Log Rule Volumes - Odd and Even Lengths  MBF Log Rules - Even Lengths  MBF Log Rules - Odd and Even Lengths Log Rule Comparison Table User Defined Custom Log Rule Log Volume Distribution by Length Board Foot Deductions for Interior Defects Log Diameter Defect Deduction Tables Log Crook Deduction Table Sweep Deduction Formula - International Rule, Scribner Rule, Doyle Rule Volume Log Rule Conversion Factors Price Log Rule Conversion Factors Forest Service Standard Grades for Hardwood Logs Rules of Thumb for Expert Hardwood Bucking Useful References About the Log Value Tables Log Value Tables - International Rule, Scribner Rule, Doyle Rule
  • Continuous Improvement in Logging 134 pages Steven Bick & Jeffrey G. Benjamin   This book is dedicated in memory of longtime Northern Logger Editor Eric A. Johnson.   This short book describes the widely used continuous improvement theory and process and how it relates to logging.   Continuous improvement, also knows as the Theory of Constraints, simplifies complicated processes and demonstrates how incremental progress is made by overcoming bottlenecks.  System bottlenecks specific to logging are explored and described.  Throughout, accounting is adapted to logging with straightforward calculations that show financial results for individual harvesting jobs.   Productivity is related to financial well being of a logging business.  Harvesting machine and system productivity tables are presented.   Table of Contents   Chapter 1: Continuous Improvement A successful theory is applied to logging   Chapter 2: Financial Measurements Throughput accounting simplifies measurement of success   Chapter 3: Bottlenecks in Logging Manage, overcome and exploit bottlenecks on the road to improvement   Chapter 4: Logging Productivity Productivity as a ratio of output to effort   Chapter 5: Start improving A roadmap to implement change   Appendix A: Harvesting System Productivity Tables Productivity tables for various harvesting equipment and systems.   Appendix B: Additional Resources Links to useful free publications          
  • By Benjamin Hoffman

    64 pages (8 1/2" X 11" soft cover) This soft-covered book is packed with tips and techniques on how to run a logging business successfully.  The book is based on a series of articles written over a period of years and has been updated and edited for this publication. Table of contents Chapter One - Setting up a Logging Business Chapter Two - People Management Chapter Three - Marketing Chapter Four - Production and Cost Records Chapter Five - Work: Measuring and Analyzing it Chapter Six - Roads and Trails Chapter Seven - Some Legal Aspects of Logging
  • By Steven Bick

    162 pages 6" X 8 1/2" spiral bound) Northern Tree, Timber and Woody Biomassis a spiral-bound paperback book containing useful reference tables for the forest products industry worker.  Please also look at the companion publication - Timber Measurements - A practical guide for working in the woods. Table of contents Forward Introduction 1. Tree Volume Tables (International Rule,Scribner Rule, Doyle Rule) Pennsylvania Timber Volume Tables Northern Conifer Tables Whole Tree Wood Biomass Tables 2. Volume-Basal Area Ratio Tables 3. Volume-per-Acre Tables
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  • By Casey Creamer

    182 pages 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" spiral bound) This soft cover spiral-bound book contains lots of maintenance information and tips and techniques not found in any other book. Table of Contents Author's Note Introduction Tools Sawmill Troubleshooting Training Saw Hammering Drive Mechanisms The Mandrel Saw Speeds Alignment Saw Manufacturing Saw Selection Reducing Kerf Winter Sawing Saw Welding Opinions and Observation Glossary of Terms Common Tools Troubleshooting Checklist Sawfiler Associations Table of Speeds and Gauges
  • By David E. Tooch

    208 pages (5 1/2" X 8 1/2" soft cover) Managing for Profit: Successful Sawmill Management  is written for the sawmill manager who wants to succeed in this difficult business. Table of Contents Part l: Marketing & Sales Customer-Driven Marketing / The Marketing Process / Direct vs. Broker Selling / The Art of Persuasion / Exporting / Retailing / The Role of Goodwill / Niche Marketing / Market Research & Long Term Forecasting Part ll: Financial Management Cost Control & the Income Statement / Cash Flow Management / The Balance Statement / The Budget / Investment Analysis / The Production-Grade Trade-off / Tax Strategies / Who is Your Financial Advisor? Part lll: Operations Management    Successful Log Buying / Production Practices / Downtime Management / Hardwood Grade and White Pine Grade Production Rules of Thumb / TheGreenchain Grader / Inventory Management & Control Part lV: Personnel Management    Success Through Your Workforce / Recruiting Techniques & Interviewing Skills / Training and Communication / Performance Appraisals / Incentive and Profit Sharing Plans / Labor Laws Part V: Other Key Issues & Tools for Managers    Time Management / Long-Term Planning / Using Outside Professional Services / The Value-Added Dilemma / Effective Decision-Making / There's Strength in Numbers / Conducting & Managing Staff Meetings / Support Education & Training / Environmental Considerations / The U.S. Economy and You
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