Flatrock Mountain Demonstration Forest

Located just five miles from NELA’s Old Forge, NY headquarters, and the Forest Industries’ Exhibit Hall, the Flatrock Mountain Demonstration Forest is ideal for sharing the benefits of sustainable forest management and responsible stewardship with a great number of seasonal visitors.

As resources allow, NELA will develop and expand the property’s complex of trails and roads, providing access to all corners of the 500-acre property.  Information kiosks have been recently constructed to provide visitors with a fixed overview of the trail system and highlights of the forest. Future plans include construction of a classroom for use by school groups, landowner organizations, and forest industry training activities. The information kiosks, at either end of the property, serve as the starting point for a self-guided tour, the main focus of the Flatrock Mountain Demonstration Forest experience. Consisting as it currently does of uneven-aged northern hardwoods, the Demonstration Forest will be managed largely for the continuous production of high value saw timber, with special emphasis on the compatible goals of enhancing wildlife habitat and recreational activities.

Various forest management techniques, such as shelter wood, even and uneven-aged management, site conversion (i.e. hardwood to softwood) and even small clear cuts, etc. will be implemented and identified through a series of signs, maps and trail stops. Poor management techniques may also be featured on a limited basis to contrast the results with adjoining areas that are responsibly managed. Areas of interest pertaining to wildlife habitat and activities will also be included as part of the trail system, as will notable environmental improvements, such as water bars and other silt mitigation and soil retention structures.

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