NELA Mission Statement

The mission of the Northeastern Loggers’ Association, Inc. is to serve its membership and the public by advocating wise stewardship of our forest resources and to develop and promote programs and services that help NELA members produce products and environmental benefits to meet the needs of the American people.


Some of our organizational objectives as determined by the NELA Board of Directors
  • Promote sustainable management of the forest resource base while protecting private property rights.
  • Increase our effectiveness in educating members in such areas as safety, business training, sawmill management, and knowledge of public laws and regulations.
  • Facilitate voluntary, state-by-state logger certification for the purposes of safety, best management practices, and general professionalism — designed and implemented by and for loggers.
  • Monitor and track state and federal regulations in the area of forest industry concerns and participate in coalitions to affect the outcome of legislative and regulatory matters.
  • Establish and strengthen relationships with state forest industry associations, conservation organizations, and other appropriate organizations.
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