Timber Measurements

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By Steven Bick

217 pages - $19.95

(6" X 8 1/2" spiral bound)

Timber Measurements - A Practical Guide for Working in the Woods is a soft cover spiral-bound book filled with useful information.  Please also look at the companion book - Northern Tree, Timber and Woody Biomass Volume Tables.

Table of Contents


Measuring Individual Trees

Referencing Tree Volumes from Tables

Estimating Tree Volumes from Grade

Estimating Tree Volumes from Stumps

Measuring and Understanding Basal Area

Land Measurement and Navigation

Forest Sampling

Plot and Strip Cruising Methods

Point Sampling

Quick Estimates of Volume per Acre

Appendix A - Log Rules, etc.

Appendix B - Tree Volume Tables

Appendix C - Magnetic Declination

Appendix D - Volume Basal Area Ratio Tables

Appendix E - Critical Values of t

Appendix F - Random Sample Points Tables