Forest Enterprises of the Adirondacks

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By Steven Bick

231 pages -  $20.00

(7" X 10" soft cover)

Well-written profiles of eight different forest enterprises located in NY State's Adirondack Park.  Lots of photographs.

Table of contents -

1. Work in the Woods - They're not elves, but they are hard at work and out there every day

2. Stumped - Each stump is a reminder of past and future benefits from the forest

3. Good Fellers The Levi family strives for efficiency amid labor shortages and tight margins

4. Rustification - Francis VanAlstine uses old equipment to work on the forests of the Adirondack elite

5. North Lake Legacy - Bruce and Ted Koenig pass on backwoods know-how to Ted's son Eric

6. Forwarder Thinking - Tom Donnelly looks into the future supply and adopts a new mix of equipment

7. Destined to Flail - Paul Mitchell solves the mystery of how to make money from unwanted trees

8. Wood is Wonderful - Bob Coscomb Jr. embraces his heritage in a part time forest enterprise

9. Living on the (Woods') Edge - Tom Bartiss combines thrifty utilization with low impact techniques on small woodlots

10. Vertical Integration and Farm Work Emancipation - Bill and Tim O'Brien convert a dairy farm into a family forest operation